Gregory Leupp - Platinum

Born in Berkeley, California, in 1949, and reared in the Sacramento Valley and Sierra foothills, Greg began a lifelong practice and study of music, and at age ten, he received his first camera. First solo show at Carl Mautz Gallery in Nevada City in 1997. Many shows in local venues from 1997 to date. Began working in platinum in 2000, and eventually turned exclusively to platinum making 4 x 5 and 8 x 10 contact prints.

Artist’s Statement - “Just as I play classical guitar and strive to find the art in the simple relationship between musician and guitar, I try to do the same in photography. The platinum process is simple and like the classical guitar, it needs no further improvement. It offers to its user a world of infinite color tone and texture and its beauty cannot be recreated by a computer.”

Model Weight- Product Image Item Name Price
n409 0.8 Striped Blanket

Striped Blanket

Platinum print 5 x 4 in excellent condition, c. 2008.


FA239 0 The Loverre Sisters

The Loverre Sisters

Platinum print in very good condition, 2002, 8 x 10


NGL31 0 Triangles


Platinum print, 5 x 4, fine condition, 2002.


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