American Photographic Patents - Cloth

American Photographic Patents - Cloth


American Photographic Patents The Daguerreotype & Wet Plate Era 1840–1880 by Janice G. Schimmelman. Lists 810 invention and 22 design patents pertaining to a wide range of photographic processes, equipment and methodology, and includes many illustrious names in the history of photography including Langenheim, Southworth & Hawes, Talbot, Whipple, Beckers, Anthony, Mascher, Cutting, Wing, Anson, Dallmeyer, Sarony, Eastman, Muybridge, etc. This book will be of great interest to scholars, researchers and collectors of patents, early photographic equipment and images, and anyone interested in the history of photography.

128 pages, 11 x 8, Illustrated; Annotated Essay; Index ISBN #1-887694-20-20-X cloth

Paperback edition sold out years ago.

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